A Series LED Bollard Gray, 7W, 700lm, 6000K, 85~264VAC, IP44, Acrylic+Aluminum Construction, 26″ height, 3.5″x5.9″ acrylic

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  • The 26 A Series LED Bollard Gray provides efficient and reliable lighting with a power consumption of 7W, offering a bright and clear illumination of 700 lumens.
  • This bollard is constructed with durable 5.9 inches acrylic material, ensuring protection against the elements and making it perfect for outdoor use.
  • With its cool white temperature of 6000K, the LED light emitted by this bollard produces a crisp and vibrant illumination that adds elegance to any environment.
  • The compact yet substantial design of this bollard, measuring at a diameter of 3.5 inches and standing at a height of 20 inches, makes it a statement piece in any outdoor space.
  • The IP44 rating of this bollard offers resistance to dust and splashing water, ensuring its reliability and longevity, making it suitable for illuminating garden pathways, walkways, and driveways.

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The 26 A Series LED Bollard Gray is a compact and durable outdoor lighting option. It has a power consumption of 7W and provides a bright illumination of 700 lumens. The bollard measures 3.5 inches in diameter and 20 inches in height. It is made of acrylic material and has an IP44 rating for dust and water resistance. The LED light has a cool white temperature of 6000K. It is ideal for illuminating garden pathways, walkways, and driveways. Overall, it is a stylish and functional addition to any outdoor space.
Color Temperature,,,,
Voltage120V - 240VAC

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