Optic lens for LumiPro HL Premium Series track light in 10 watts, 25 degree

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  • The 10W Optic lens designed for the LumiPro HL Premium Series Track Light enhances performance and versatility, ensuring optimal light distribution and efficiency.
  • Crafted with topgrade materials, this optic lens guarantees exceptional clarity and durability, delivering a uniform beam of light with minimized glare.
  • With its unique design, the optic lens easily attaches to the track light, enabling effortless installation and maintenance, adding convenience to your lighting projects.
  • Suitable for various applications such as retail spaces, art galleries, museums, and residential areas, this lens provides an adjustable focus range, allowing precise illumination.
  • By incorporating this optic lens, you can improve energy efficiency and reduce power consumption while maintaining the quality and aesthetics of your lighting design.

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The 10W Optic lens for the LumiPro HL Premium Series Track Light enhances performance and versatility. It ensures optimal light distribution, durability, and easy installation. Perfect for various applications, it offers adjustable focus range and improved energy efficiency.
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