LED ground aluminum shell light w/ spike, 9 watts, 12V, RGB, with remote control


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  • The 12W LED ground aluminum shell light with spike and remote control provides a versatile lighting solution for outdoor spaces, allowing you to effortlessly create vibrant and dynamic lighting scenes.
  • With its sleek aluminum shell design, this light is not only aesthetically pleasing but also durable and weatherresistant, ensuring longlasting performance.
  • Operating at a power consumption of 9 watts and powered by a 12V power source, this LED ground light efficiently illuminates your surroundings while minimizing energy consumption.
  • The included spike makes installation quick and hasslefree, allowing you to securely position the light in desired locations.
  • The remote control provides convenient accessibility, enabling you to easily customize lighting effects, select color options, adjust brightness levels, and even set timers, making it the perfect choice for creating various atmospheres for any occasion.

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The 12W LED ground light with spike and remote control is a versatile outdoor lighting solution. Its high-quality RGB color system allows for vibrant lighting scenes. The sleek aluminum shell is durable and weather-resistant. Operating at 9 watts and powered by a 12V source, it is energy-efficient. The remote control enables easy customization of lighting effects, colors, brightness, and timers. Overall, it enhances the ambiance and visual appeal of any outdoor space.
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