LED E27 Cob bulb, 110VAC/5watt, Dimmable Warn white


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  • The 5W LED COB Bulb with a color temperature of 3000K provides a warm and cozy ambiance, making it the perfect lighting solution for any space.
  • With an E27 base, this LED bulb can easily fit into any standard socket, allowing for hasslefree installation.
  • The dimmable feature of this LED bulb allows you to adjust the brightness according to your preference, offering versatility in creating different lighting moods.
  • Operating efficiently at 110VAC and consuming only 5 watts of power, this LED bulb not only saves energy but also reduces electricity bills.
  • With exceptional performance, extended lifespan, and consistent warm white light, this professionalgrade LED COB bulb is an ideal choice for illuminating living rooms, bedrooms, and workspaces, enhancing the overall lighting setup and creating a more inviting environment.

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The 5W LED COB Bulb with 3000K color temperature is a perfect lighting solution. It has an E27 base for easy fitting into standard sockets and a dimmable feature to adjust brightness. Operating efficiently at 110VAC, it consumes only 5 watts of power, saving energy and reducing electricity bills. It delivers exceptional performance, extended lifespan, and consistent warm white light, making it suitable for various spaces. Upgrade your lighting setup and create a brighter and more inviting environment.
Color Temperature,,,,
Voltage120V - 240VAC
Finish ColorSilver

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