Glass globe bulb, 5watt/AC85~265V, White 6000K, E27 Base

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  • The 5W Glass Globe Bulb with a 6000K color temperature offers a sleek and stylish appearance while providing optimal illumination for various spaces.
  • With its cool white 6000K light output, this bulb creates a crisp and refreshing ambience, enhancing visibility and creating a pleasant environment.
  • The E27 base of this bulb allows for easy installation, fitting seamlessly into standard light sockets and making it compatible with various light fixtures, lamps, and chandeliers.
  • This bulb is highly energyefficient, consuming only 5 watts of power, which can significantly reduce energy consumption and lower electricity bills without compromising brightness.
  • The 5W Glass Globe Bulb combines style, functionality, and costeffectiveness, making it a reliable lighting option that will perform impressively for years to come.

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The 5W Glass Globe Bulb is energy-efficient and suitable for various spaces. Its glass globe design offers a sleek appearance while providing optimal illumination. It operates on an AC85~265V voltage range, making it compatible with most electrical systems. With a cool white 6000K light output, it creates a refreshing ambience and enhances visibility. The E27 base allows for easy installation in standard light sockets. It is compact and versatile, fitting various light fixtures. It consumes only 5 watts of power, reducing energy consumption and lowering electricity bills. Overall, it is a reliable lighting option that combines style, functionality, and cost-effectiveness.
Color Temperature,,,,
Voltage120V - 240VAC

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