LED dot Chain 12mm, Red 0.1W/5VDC, 50pcs/bundle

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  • The LED dot Chain 12mm in vibrant red is a highquality lighting solution suitable for various applications, providing visually appealing and attentiongrabbing illumination.
  • With low power consumption of 0.1W and a 5VDC power supply, this LED dot Chain ensures energy efficiency without compromising on brightness, making it an excellent choice for both smallscale and largescale projects.
  • The bundle of 50pcs offers great value for money and convenience, making it ideal for DIY projects, signage, or decorative lighting installations, providing ample quantity to fulfill your requirements.
  • These LED dot Chains are designed with durability in mind, guaranteeing reliable performance and longlasting glow, allowing you to enjoy their vibrant illumination for countless hours.
  • Upgrade your lighting setup today with the LED dot Chain 12mm in red, combining superior quality, energy efficiency, and a generous bundle quantity, providing a versatile lighting solution for a wide range of uses.

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The LED dot Chain 12mm in red is a high-quality lighting solution suitable for various applications. It operates on low power consumption and comes with a power supply. Its 12mm size makes it versatile for both small and large projects. With a bundle of 50pcs, it offers great value and convenience. The LED dot Chains are durable and provide a long-lasting glow. Upgrade your lighting setup today with this reliable and efficient option.
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