LED dot Chain 12mm, Blue 0.1W/5VDC, 50pcs/bundle

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  • The LED dot Chain 12mm in blue color is a highquality lighting solution suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces, offering reliable and efficient illumination with a power rating of 0.1W and operating on a safe 5VDC power supply.
  • With its 12mm dot size, this LED chain is versatile for various applications such as decorative lighting, signage, and accentuating architectural features, adding a touch of brilliance and creating captivating visual effects.
  • The LED chain comes bundled with 50 pieces, providing ample coverage for larger projects or allowing for easy distribution across multiple areas. The precise spacing of each LED dot ensures consistent and uniform brightness throughout the entire chain.
  • Designed for easy installation and hasslefree operation, the LED dot Chain 12mm is suitable for both professional installers and DIY enthusiasts. Its compact design offers flexible placement options, while the low power consumption helps save energy and reduces longterm costs.
  • Transform your space with the LED dot Chain 12mm, a dependable, energyefficient, and visually stunning lighting solution that creates an ambiance that stands out. Illuminate your space with confidence and style, enhancing any indoor or outdoor environment.

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The LED dot Chain 12mm in blue is a reliable and efficient lighting solution for indoor and outdoor spaces. It has a power rating of 0.1W and operates at 5VDC. These LEDs are perfect for decorative lighting, signage, and accentuating architectural features. With 50 pieces in each chain, it provides ample coverage for larger projects. The LEDs are precisely spaced for consistent brightness. The LED dot Chain 12mm is easy to install and has low power consumption. It creates a visually stunning ambiance.
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