LED Display w/ stand, 34″x3.75″, 80x16px, white, rechargeable, comes with charger and wall plug

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  • The LED indoor message display is a sleek and stylish addition to any setting, providing a compact yet noticeable display measuring 34 inches in width and 3.75 inches in height.
  • Featuring a highresolution pixel count of 80×16, this LED display ensures crisp and legible content, attracting attention and effectively conveying information with clarity and precision.
  • With a low power consumption of just 8 watts, this LED display is not only energyefficient but also environmentally friendly, making it a responsible choice for businesses.
  • Equipped with a rechargeable battery, this LED display offers convenient wireless operation, allowing for flexible placement and hasslefree functionality. The included charger and wall plug ensure uninterrupted usage.
  • Combining professional aesthetics with functionality, this LED indoor message display is the perfect choice for various applications, including communication of important information, advertising products or services, and creating an engaging ambiance to captivate your audience effortlessly.

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Introducing our LED indoor message display - a sleek and stylish addition to any setting. It measures 34 inches in width and 3.75 inches in height, making it compact yet noticeable. With a high-resolution pixel count of 80x16, your content will be crisp and legible. It has a low power consumption of just 8 watts and comes with a rechargeable battery for wireless operation. This display is ideal for communicating important information, advertising products, or creating an engaging ambiance. Invest in our informative and reliable LED display today and captivate your audience effortlessly.
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