LED Display w/ stand, 17″x3.75″, 80x16px, white, rechargeable, comes with charger and wall plug

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  • The LED Indoor Message Display measures (W)17.5 inches x (H)3.75 inches, offering ample space to convey your messages with clarity and impact.
  • With a pixel resolution of 80×16, this LED display ensures crisp and vibrant visuals that stand out even from a distance, thanks to its striking white color.
  • Our rechargeable design eliminates wire clutter and power outlet limitations, providing convenience and flexibility for usage in various indoor settings. Charger and wall plug are included for added convenience.
  • With a power consumption of just 8 watts, this display is energyefficient, allowing you to run your messages for extended periods without excessive power usage or environmental impact.
  • Enhance your professional environment with our LED Indoor Message Display, which combines functionality and style to effectively communicate important information, promote products, and captivate your audience.

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Introducing our LED Indoor Message Display, a sleek and compact solution for messaging needs. Measures (W)17.5 inches x (H)3.75 inches, providing ample space for clear messages. Features 80x16 pixel resolution for crisp visuals, while the white color enhances visibility. Rechargeable design eliminates wire clutter and power outlet limitations. Charger and wall plug included for convenience. Low power consumption of 8 watts balances efficiency and performance. Enhances professional environments and effectively delivers messages. Invest in this informative and professional display to elevate brand presence.
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