G9 LED bulb 7watt/110-130Vac, White 6000k, 500Lumen, CRI>80, SMD2835 x 75 pcs, D16*H62mm, CE ROHS

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  • The 7W G9 LED bulb 6000K is a compact and stylish lighting solution that easily fits into various fixtures, making it versatile for any space.
  • With a voltage range of 110130VAC and a power consumption of only 7 watts, this LED bulb ensures minimal energy consumption while providing ample illumination.
  • The cool white light emitted by this bulb with a color temperature of 6000K creates a bright and refreshing atmosphere in any residential or commercial setting.
  • Equipped with 75 SMD2835 chips, this G9 LED bulb delivers an impressive light output of 500 lumens, accurately reproduces colors with a CRI rating of over 80, making it perfect for enhancing the appearance of objects and spaces.
  • With its CE and ROHS certifications, this LED bulb is built to last, offering a long lifespan and durability, ultimately reducing the need for frequent replacements, making it an energyefficient and reliable lighting solution.

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The 7W G9 LED bulb 6000K offers both functionality and style with its compact size and cool white light. It consumes minimal energy while providing ample illumination and has a long lifespan. Certified with CE and ROHS, this bulb is perfect for enhancing the appearance of objects and spaces in residential and commercial applications.
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