Cutting Vinyl Blade, Roland 45?


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  • The Cutting Vinyl Blade by Roland 45 is a highquality and precision tool designed for professional vinyl cutting applications, ensuring accurate and flawless cuts on various vinyl materials.
  • This blade guarantees longlasting functionality and consistent results, thanks to its utmost precision, durability, and sharp ultrafine cutting edge. It’s perfect for intricate graphics and decals.
  • Engineered to seamlessly fit in Roland 45 cutting machines, this blade effortlessly glides through vinyl materials, delivering clean and smooth cuts without any tearing or fraying.
  • With unparalleled versatility, it can handle a wide range of vinyl thicknesses and textures, making it suitable for different applications such as thin adhesive vinyl or thicker heat transfer vinyl.
  • Users can customize cutting depths according to their specific requirements, ensuring exceptional control and accuracy throughout the cutting process. Its userfriendly design and durable construction prioritize convenience and safety.

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The Cutting Vinyl Blade by Roland 45 is a high-quality, precise tool designed for professional vinyl cutting. It guarantees accurate and flawless cuts on various vinyl materials and accommodates different thicknesses. It offers customization options for cutting depths, ensuring exceptional control and accuracy. Its user-friendly design allows for easy installation and replacement of blades. This blade is ideal for sign makers, graphic designers, and crafters looking for outstanding cutting results.
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