Cutting Vinyl Blade, Graphtec (15-thick) 45?


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  • The Cutting Vinyl Blade, Graphtec (15thick) 45 offers enhanced strength and longevity, making it suitable for heavyduty applications in the vinyl cutting industry.
  • Equipped with advanced technology, this cutting blade allows for intricate and detailed designs to be accurately reproduced on various vinyl materials.
  • The 45degree angle of the Graphtec Cutting Vinyl Blade facilitates smooth and clean cuts, ensuring a professional finish for signage, decals, and other vinylbased applications.
  • The Graphtec Cutting Vinyl Blade is renowned for its reliability and compatibility with Graphtec cutting machines, guaranteeing seamless operation and minimizing downtime.
  • Trust the Graphtec brand to deliver outstanding results with the Cutting Vinyl Blade, enabling professionals to bring their creative vision to life with ease.

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The Graphtec Cutting Vinyl Blade is a durable and precise tool that is ideal for heavy-duty vinyl cutting. It allows for intricate designs and produces smooth and clean cuts. It is compatible with Graphtec cutting machines and is easy to install and maintain. Overall, it is a top choice for professionals in the vinyl cutting industry.
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