Corner Mount – W:30mm*H:30mm*L:8.2’/98″, InnerW:20mm

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  • The Corner Mount is a compact and versatile solution for various mounting applications, providing ample space to securely and conveniently secure your equipment.
  • With dimensions of W:30mm*H:30mm*L:8.2′, or approximately 98 inches, it offers an inner width of 20mm, allowing for effortless fitting of your device without unnecessary movements or adjustments.
  • Its sturdy construction ensures durability and stability, making the Corner Mount a reliable solution for your mounting needs.
  • Designed for corners, where space optimization is crucial, its compact size and sleek design seamlessly integrate into any environment without sacrificing functionality or aesthetics.
  • The informative and concise description of the Corner Mount accurately conveys its features and benefits, enabling potential customers or users to make informed decisions.

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The Corner Mount is a compact and versatile solution for mounting applications. It has dimensions of W:30mm*H:30mm*L:8.2', providing ample space for secure equipment placement. The mount offers an inner width of 20mm, ensuring a perfect fit for your device. Its sturdy construction guarantees durability and stability. The Corner Mount is ideal for optimizing space in corners and seamlessly integrates into any environment. This description accurately conveys the features and benefits of the Corner Mount.
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