Corner Mount – W:16mm*H:16mm*L:8.2’/98″, InnerW:10.5mm

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  • The Corner Mount is a sleek and compact mounting solution that optimizes space by securely holding items in place.
  • With dimensions of W:16mm x H:16mm x L:8.2 feet/98 inches, this mount can accommodate a variety of objects, making it versatile for personal and professional use.
  • Crafted with precision, the Inner W measures 10.5mm, providing a snug fit for mounted items and ensuring stability while preventing unwanted movement.
  • Designed to withstand regular wear and tear, the Corner Mount offers a durable construction. It can be easily installed in corners, maximizing the utilization of available space.
  • Whether you need to display decorations, organize tools, or enhance your workspace, the Corner Mount’s informative design and reliable functionality make it an excellent addition to any setting.

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The Corner Mount is a compact and sleek mounting solution that securely holds items while saving space. It has dimensions of W:16mm x H:16mm x L:8.2 feet/98 inches and can accommodate various objects. With precision craftsmanship, it has an inner width of 10.5mm for a snug fit and stability. It is durable and suitable for personal and professional use, easy to install in corners to maximize space. Whether for displaying decorations, organizing tools, or improving workspace, the Corner Mount is a practical and reliable choice.
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