Both end middle connector 15mm for M-HL-50-60-W/WW/Y/RGB/BL/R


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  • The 60RGBCNT Both end middle connector 15mm is a reliable accessory designed to ensure seamless connectivity and enhanced functionality for the MHL5060W/WW/Y/RGB/BL/R lighting system.
  • Its compact size and sturdy construction guarantee a secure and stable connection between the MHL5060W/WW/Y/RGB/BL/R light strips, eliminating any gaps or interruptions in the lighting pattern for a cohesive and polished look.
  • This connector is compatible with various color options such as W, Y, RGB, BL, and R, allowing for customized lighting designs according to preferences or specific requirements.
  • Whether illuminating residential or commercial spaces, this connector enhances the versatility and performance of the MHL5060 lighting system, ensuring convenience and reliability.
  • With its durable construction, seamless connectivity, and compatibility with multiple color options, the 60RGBCNT Both end middle connector 15mm is an essential accessory for professional lighting installations.

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The 60-RGB-CNT Both end middle connector 15mm is a sturdy and compact accessory for the M-HL-50-60-W/WW/Y/RGB/BL/R lighting system. It ensures a secure connection between light strips, eliminating gaps in the lighting pattern. With compatibility for various color options, it enhances versatility and performance for residential or commercial spaces.
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