Black cable cover with 2meter (6.56ft) cable, for 3 wire H-type track


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  • The Black Cable Cover with a 2meter (6.56 ft) cable is specially designed for 3 wire Htype track systems, providing a professional and clutterfree solution for managing wires.
  • Its timeless black finish seamlessly blends with any décor, while its 2meter length offers ample coverage and flexibility for convenient placement of lighting fixtures or other electrical components.
  • Constructed with highquality materials, this cable cover ensures longlasting performance and effectively protects cables from damage, minimizing tripping hazards and maintaining a safe environment.
  • Easy installation is guaranteed with the userfriendly design of this cable cover, allowing for a seamless integration with the 3 wire Htype track system and giving a clean and professional look to any setting.
  • This indispensable accessory is ideal for residential, commercial, and hospitality spaces, providing a streamlined and organized track system solution that enhances both the aesthetics and functionality of the area.

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The Black Cable Cover is a sleek and sturdy accessory designed for 3 wire H-type track systems. It conceals and manages wires, providing a seamless and clutter-free appearance. With a versatile black finish and 2-meter length, it blends with any décor and allows for flexible placement of lighting fixtures. Made from high-quality materials, it protects cables from damage and ensures a safe environment. Easy to install, it gives a clean and professional look in residential, commercial, or hospitality spaces. This cable cover guarantees efficient cable management that enhances aesthetics and functionality.
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