90 degree connector for M-HL RGB / SINGLE COLOR ONLY


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  • The 91degree connector for MHL RGB/Single color only provides precise and efficient angle connections between LED strips in both RGB and singlecolor applications, enhancing flexibility in lighting setups.
  • Crafted with durability in mind, this connector is designed to withstand regular usage and provide a reliable connection between LED strips, ensuring longlasting performance.
  • With its easy installation process, this connector saves valuable time and effort during setup, allowing for seamless creation of rightangled connections without compromising the quality or performance of your lighting system.
  • Ideal for professional applications, this connector offers superior versatility and compatibility, seamlessly integrating into both RGB and singlecolor LED installations for captivating colorchanging effects or uniform illumination.
  • The sleek and compact design of this connector maximizes efficiency without taking up excessive space, guaranteeing optimal connectivity and uninterrupted power flow even under challenging environmental conditions.

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The 91-degree connector for M-HL RGB/Single color only is a durable and precise connector that allows for efficient connections between LED strips in both RGB and single-color applications. It is designed to save time and effort during setup and provides seamless right-angled connections. The connector is versatile, compatible, and compact, ensuring optimal connectivity and long-lasting performance. In conclusion, it is an essential tool for creating impressive lighting installations.
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