8mm pin power cord for M-HR-3014, ETL Listed


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  • The 8mm pin power cord for the MHR3014, ETL Listed, is certified by ETL, guaranteeing it meets the highest safety standards.
  • With its sturdy construction, this power cord ensures durability and longevity, making it suitable for both professional and personal applications.
  • The ETL Listed certification indicates that this power cord has undergone rigorous testing and evaluation to ensure compliance with industry safety standards.
  • The length of this power cord provides ample reach, allowing for easy connection to a power source without any hassle.
  • The 8mm pin design ensures compatibility and a seamless fit with the MHR3014 device, eliminating any chances of loose connections or accidental disconnections.

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The 8mm pin power cord for the M-HR-3014 is a reliable and safe option that has been certified by ETL. It provides a secure connection with minimal risk of power loss or interruptions. The cord is durable and suitable for both professional and personal use. With its ETL Listed certification, users can trust that it meets industry safety standards. The power cord is also convenient and versatile, with ample length for easy connection to a power source. The 8mm pin ensures compatibility and a secure fit. Overall, it combines safety, reliability, and convenience, making it an essential accessory for M-HR-3014 users.
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