3 duo port cable connector block, screw system, for up to #12 AWG



  • The 3 duo port cable connector block is a highquality screwbased system designed for electrical applications, accommodating cables up to #12 AWG for compatibility with a range of wire sizes.
  • This versatile connector block features three duo port connectors, allowing efficient connection of multiple cables in a single unit, with a reliable and secure screw system ensuring stable and longlasting electrical connections.
  • With its compact design and durable construction, this connector block offers excellent performance and reliability in various electrical setups, making it suitable for both residential and commercial applications.
  • The 3 duo port cable connector block provides a convenient solution for organizing and connecting cables, reducing clutter and enhancing the efficiency of electrical installations.
  • Offering professionalgrade quality and a concise, easytounderstand description, this connector block is ideal for professionals seeking a reliable and efficient solution for their electrical connectivity needs.

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The 3 duo port cable connector block is a high-quality screw-based system for electrical applications. It accommodates cables up to #12 AWG and allows efficient connection of multiple cables in a compact unit. The screw system provides a reliable and long-lasting electrical connection. This connector block is suitable for residential or commercial use, offering performance and reliability in organizing and connecting cables.
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