12 Terminal block 2.5mm2 6A(8H), PA66, Zinc and copper alloy

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  • The 12 Terminal block is a highly reliable and durable electrical connector designed for a wide range of applications, offering convenience and flexibility with its 12 terminals.
  • Made from highquality PA66 material, this terminal block provides superior insulation properties, ensuring optimal safety during operation and resistance to heat, chemicals, and UV radiation.
  • The combination of zinc and copper alloy construction delivers exceptional electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance, minimizing the risk of oxidation or degradation over time.
  • With its 2.5mm2 capacity and 6A(8H) rating, this terminal block offers excellent conductivity and can effectively handle current flow, providing stable performance even in demanding conditions.
  • The 12 Terminal block with its highquality construction and superior properties is a durable electrical connector suitable for various applications, making it an ideal choice for professionals seeking reliability and longevity.

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The 12 Terminal block is a reliable electrical connector with a 2.5mm2 capacity and 6A(8H) rating. It is made from high-quality PA66 material, providing excellent insulation and resistance to heat, chemicals, and UV radiation. The terminal block's zinc and copper alloy construction ensures exceptional conductivity and corrosion resistance. With its 12 terminals, it offers convenience and flexibility for connecting multiple wires. Overall, this terminal block is a durable and high-performing option for various applications.
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