24″ Rigid strip White 6.5k (W4mmX(L)60cm/51 Leds 2835, 10 Lumin/Led/4.2W

SKU: 7-RS28-10Lm-6.5K

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  • The 24inch Rigid strip in White 6.5k is equipped with 51 highquality LEDs, providing a bright and wellilluminated space with 10 lumens of brightness per LED.
  • Operating at a voltage of 12V, this strip ensures efficient and reliable performance while consuming only 4.2W per LED, making it an energyefficient choice for your lighting needs.
  • With its professional and sleek appearance, this strip is suitable for both commercial and residential applications, allowing you to enhance workspaces, highlight areas, or create an inviting ambiance.
  • Installation is made easy due to its rigid form, allowing seamless integration onto various surfaces. The 24inch length offers ample coverage, making it suitable for both small and larger spaces.
  • The White 6.5k color temperature emits a cool and crisp light, perfect for environments that require clarity and focus, making this strip ideal for offices, retail spaces, or display cases, elevating the visual appeal and functionality of any area.

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The 24-inch Rigid strip in White 6.5k is a powerful lighting solution with a compact design and 51 LEDs of the 2835 model. It operates at 12V and consumes only 4.2W per LED, making it energy-efficient. The strip is suitable for commercial and residential applications and can be easily installed on various surfaces. Its cool and crisp White 6.5k color temperature is perfect for environments that require clarity and focus. Overall, this strip offers superior lighting performance and enhanced visibility and aesthetics to any space.
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