Rigid strip White, 6500k (W)12mmX(L)1m, 15watt/60 leds 5730, both ends 4.5″ ..

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  • The Rigid strip White, 6500k (W)12mmX(L)1m offers a sleek and professional look, making it perfect for various applications requiring bright white light.
  • With advanced 5730 technology, this strip features 60 LEDs that provide exceptional brightness while only consuming 15 watts of power, resulting in energy savings without compromising illumination quality.
  • The strip’s design allows for seamless installation and connection to other lighting components, providing easy customization and flexibility to suit any space or desired layout.
  • The 6500k color temperature of this strip delivers a crisp and clear white light, making it ideal for areas that require bright illumination and a modern aesthetic.
  • The rigid construction of this strip ensures durability and longevity, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Its waterproof design provides protection against moisture, dust, and other environmental elements.

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The Rigid strip White, 6500k (W)12mmX(L)1m is a high-quality lighting solution that offers bright white light. It features 60 LEDs consuming only 15 watts of power and has both ends measuring 4.5 inches for easy installation and customization. The strip provides a crisp white light suitable for various applications and is durable and waterproof for both indoor and outdoor use. Overall, it combines functionality, energy efficiency, and a professional aesthetic.
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