2 Wires 9″, 2 Connectors 8mm PC Board+


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  • Our highquality 3wire setup featuring 9inch wires and two 8mm PC board connectors ensures efficient and reliable electrical connections.
  • The revised version of our product now offers two 9inch wires and two 8mm PC board connectors, providing enhanced flexibility and versatility for various setups.
  • With seamless integration into your electronic systems, our product boasts exceptional build quality, ensuring longlasting performance and meeting the highest standards of quality and safety.
  • Whether you’re an electronics enthusiast or professional, our product offers a reliable and efficient solution for precise electrical connections.
  • Experience the difference that our meticulously crafted, versatile, and highperforming 3wire setup can make in improving the functionality and reliability of your electronic systems.

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Our high-quality 3-wire setup now comes with two 9-inch wires and two 8mm PC board connectors, offering enhanced flexibility. It seamlessly integrates into electronic systems and provides easy attachment to compatible devices. With exceptional build quality and meeting the highest standards, it guarantees long-lasting performance and optimal conductivity. Perfect for electronics enthusiasts or professionals, it is the ideal choice for precise electrical connections. Improve the functionality and reliability of your electronic systems with our versatile and high-performing product.
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