2 Wires 8″, 1 Connector10mm PC Board


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  • The product has been upgraded to a refined design, featuring 2 wires measuring 8 inches each and a single 10mm PC board connector, enhancing its functionality and connectivity.
  • With a 3wire solution initially, the updated version now offers a more streamlined and efficient 2wire design, ensuring reliable connectivity.
  • The inclusion of a single 10mm PC board connector in the updated version simplifies installation and improves overall functionality.
  • This product meets highquality standards with professional construction and informative details, ensuring a concise solution for various applications.
  • With its improved design and reliable connectivity, this product is an ideal choice for professionals seeking efficiency and functionality in their projects.

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This product is a 3-wire solution with an 8-inch cable and a 10mm PC board connector. The updated version now features 2 wires measuring 8 inches each, accompanied by a single 10mm PC board connector. This refined design ensures efficient and reliable connectivity, meeting high-quality standards.
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