1-ST-C Series Photocell Shorting Cap disables photocell and keeps light on at all times

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  • The ShortingCap 1STC Series Photocell Shorting Cap is an essential device designed to disable the photocell and ensure uninterrupted lighting.
  • This innovative product offers a reliable solution for situations where permanent lighting is required without any interruption, making it ideal for enhanced security purposes or areas that need constant illumination.
  • The ShortingCap 1STC Series guarantees consistent and uninterrupted light output at all times, effectively overriding the photocell’s automatic control.
  • With a 1month warranty, this shorting cap reflects our commitment to delivering a highquality, longlasting product that meets the needs of our valued customers.
  • In summary, the ShortingCap 1STC Series is a professional and efficient solution for maintaining continuous lighting, making it a reliable choice for various applications where constant illumination is necessary.

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The ShortingCap 1-ST-C Series is a reliable and innovative device that disables the photocell to provide uninterrupted lighting. It is ideal for areas requiring constant illumination and offers a 1-month warranty for customer satisfaction. Overall, it is a professional and efficient solution for maintaining continuous lighting.
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Warranty1 Month

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