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What is a business account?

A business account is a specialized financial tool designed to cater to the unique needs of companies, such as Poli Led and Sign. This type of account provides numerous benefits that help streamline and manage business operations effectively. First and foremost, a business account offers access to wholesale pricing, enabling companies to purchase goods and services at discounted rates, allowing for greater cost savings and improved profit margins. Additionally, a business account provides a higher transaction limit, accommodating larger monetary exchanges necessary for commercial activities. Furthermore, this account type often includes features like invoicing services, which facilitate efficient billing and payment processes between businesses. With a business account, companies can also build a strong credit history, enhancing their credibility and potential for obtaining loans or credit lines. Overall, a business account is an invaluable tool for organizations like Poli Led and Sign, offering a range of benefits tailored to support their unique needs and growth. Click here to apply.

Account Benefits

  • Great Prices: We keep our prices low so you can maintain prices better than your competition.
  • Huge Selection: Choose from thousands of products and offer your client the best solution for their project.
  • No Minimum Order Values: You don’t have to purchase in bulk to get the best pricing. We are committed offering the best service to our customers regardless of their order.
  • One-Stop Shop: We also carry basic electrical components such as cable, switches, connectors, and more.
  • Open 6 Days A Week: Monday to Friday, 8AM to 5:30PM, Saturday 10AM to 3PM. We are always open to fulfill urgent projects and last minute orders.
  • Trade Only: Our accounts are only available to retail stores, sign shops, contractors, and project managers.

Wholesale Account

Once you have applied, make sure to bring a valid tax-exempt certificate. Call in today to see what we have in stock or browse our online catalogs.

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