Wires Knot Brown 20pcs/bag


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  • The Wires Knot Brown is a highquality and essential product that provides a practical and efficient solution for managing wiring tasks.
  • Each bag contains 20 pieces of carefully crafted wires, ensuring durability and reliability for various applications.
  • These wires are perfect for tying together or organizing cables, electrical wires, or any other materials that require secure fastening.
  • With their versatile nature, The Wires Knot Brown can be used in both professional and personal settings, making them a musthave item.
  • The ample supply of 20 pieces per bag ensures that you always have enough wires to meet your needs.

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The Wires Knot Brown is a high-quality product, with 20 pieces per bag. They are durable and reliable, perfect for tying or organizing cables and wires. Suitable for both personal and professional use, it is a must-have for managing wiring tasks efficiently.
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