Vertical Tenon Reducer, fits: 3.4″ round pole, reduces to 2-3/8th” tenon, bronze finish


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  • The 3VTRB Vertical Tenon Reducer is a highquality lighting accessory, designed to securely and efficiently connect a 3.4 inches round pole and a 23/8th inches tenon.
  • With its sleek bronze finish, this reducer not only offers functional benefits but also adds elegance to any lighting fixture, making it suitable for both residential and commercial projects.
  • Engineered for convenience and durability, the 3VTRB Vertical Tenon Reducer ensures a seamless installation process, allowing effortless connection of lighting systems to compatible poles.
  • This reducer features a 6500K color temperature, emitting bright and vibrant light, providing optimal visibility in various settings such as parking lots, pathways, and outdoor areas, enhancing safety for both pedestrians and vehicles.
  • Built to withstand harsh weather conditions, the 3VTRB Vertical Tenon Reducer guarantees longlasting performance and reliability, making it an ideal choice for outdoor lighting installations.

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The 3-VTR-B Vertical Tenon Reducer is a high-quality lighting accessory that securely connects a 3.4-inch round pole to a 2-3/8th inch tenon. It has a sleek bronze finish, making it both functional and stylish. The reducer is convenient to install and durable, withstanding harsh weather conditions. It emits a bright 6500K light, enhancing visibility in various settings such as parking lots and pathways. Overall, the 3-VTR-B Vertical Tenon Reducer is an essential accessory for residential and commercial lighting projects.
Color Temperature,,,,
Warranty1 Month

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