Upper module for 2ft, 3CCT, 3000K-4000K-5000K, WHITE


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  • The 2ft upper module with a 3CCT color temperature range (3000K4000K5000K) is a highly versatile lighting solution suitable for commercial, residential, and industrial spaces.
  • With its ability to seamlessly integrate into existing lighting systems or be used as a standalone fixture, this module provides flexibility in installation options.
  • The adjustable color temperature feature allows users to create the desired ambiance, catering to different preferences and lighting requirements.
  • Boasting high color rendering capabilities, this module ensures accurate and vivid color representation, making it ideal for retail stores, art studios, and medical facilities.
  • In addition to its exceptional performance, this module is energyefficient, contributing to cost savings and environmental preservation. Its durability guarantees a longlasting investment.

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The 2ft upper module is a versatile and efficient lighting solution with a 3CCT color temperature range and a crisp white light. It can be used in various settings and integrated into existing systems or used as a standalone fixture. The adjustable color temperature feature allows for flexible lighting options. It has high color rendering capabilities, is energy-efficient, and durable. Overall, it provides optimal illumination and enhances visual aesthetics.
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