UL Listed Duplex USB Receptacle, Commercial Grade, White, 15A, 100-250V, FCC, 5V 4.2A for USB ports for fast charging, Tamper-Resistant Shutters, Side Wired & Back Wired, LED indicator, Side Wired & Back Wired


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  • The UL Listed Duplex USB Receptacle is a commercialgrade solution that offers exceptional functionality and safety features, making it the ultimate choice for your fast charging needs.
  • With a 15A capacity and a voltage range of 100250V, this receptacle is suitable for various commercial applications and has been rigorously tested and certified by UL to ensure reliability and compliance with industry standards.
  • The USB receptacle is equipped with FCC certification, guaranteeing a safe and efficient charging experience. Its dual USB ports provide a notable 5V and 4.2A output, allowing for rapid charging of compatible devices.
  • Safety is paramount, and this receptacle comes with tamperresistant shutters to protect the USB ports from unwanted access. This feature provides peace of mind and ensures the safety of users.
  • The installation of this receptacle is easy, with both sidewired and backwired options available. Additionally, the LED indicator illuminates when your device is charging, making it convenient to use even in lowlight environments. Upgrade your space today with this compact and professionalgrade solution.

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Introducing our UL Listed Duplex USB Receptacle – a commercial-grade solution for fast charging. This sleek white design offers exceptional functionality and safety features. With a 15A capacity and voltage range of 100-250V, it's suitable for various commercial applications. It's been rigorously tested and certified by UL for reliability and compliance. Equipped with FCC certification, it delivers safe and efficient charging with dual USB ports providing 5V and 4.2A output. Tamper-resistant shutters protect the USB ports, and installation is easy with side-wired and back-wired options. An LED indicator allows for convenient usage in low-light environments. Upgrade to this compact and professional-grade solution for fast and reliable charging of USB-compatible devices.
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Voltage120V - 240VAC