Suspended accessory for 9-P2?x2?-F frame light, includes: 4pcs 1meter hanging wire, with 1pcs round canopy box, 2pcs DC wire and screw accessory

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  • The Suspended Accessory package for the 9P2?x2?F Frame Light includes four durable 1meter hanging wires that provide stability and flexibility for precise positioning of your light fixture.
  • With the inclusion of a round canopy box, this accessory package ensures a sleek and professional appearance by hiding any unsightly wiring or connections for a polished finish.
  • Two DC wires are provided in this package to facilitate convenient connectivity and ensure a seamless power supply, promoting efficient and smooth operation of your light fixture.
  • Our comprehensive accessory package also includes an assortment of screws and accessories, ensuring you have all the necessary components right at your fingertips for a hasslefree installation process.
  • Made with highquality materials, this Suspended Accessory package offers a reliable and efficient solution for enhancing your lighting setup, providing you with an informative and professional lighting experience.

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The Suspended Accessory for the 9-P2?x2?-F Frame Light is a versatile and essential addition to enhance your lighting setup. It includes four durable hanging wires, a round canopy box for a polished appearance, two DC wires for seamless connectivity, and an assortment of screws and accessories for easy installation. This package offers a comprehensive solution for a reliable and efficient lighting experience.
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