Smart Remote or app controlled, 30W Flood Light RGBCCT, Input voltage: AC100-240V, 2800lm, Beam Angle 160deg, IP65, Control distance: 30m


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  • The 50W RGBCCT Garden Light is designed to elevate your outdoor lighting experience with its advanced features and robust construction.
  • With a wide voltage range of DC100240V, this garden light effortlessly adapts to various power supplies while providing consistent and reliable illumination.
  • Equipped with RGB and CCT functionality, this garden light offers an extensive color spectrum, allowing you to choose from vibrant colors or soothing warm and cool white tones to create the desired ambiance for any occasion.
  • The 25° beam angle ensures focused and uniform lighting, illuminating every corner of your garden without wasting energy on unnecessary dispersion.
  • With its IP65 rating, this garden light is exceptionally resistant to dust and water, ensuring longlasting durability even in challenging outdoor environments.

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Introducing our 50W RGBCCT Garden Light, designed for high performance and an elevated outdoor lighting experience. With a wide voltage range of DC100-240V, it adapts to various power supplies while providing consistent illumination. It boasts an impressive 4000 lumens output for optimal visibility and aesthetics. The light offers a vast color spectrum with RGB and CCT functionality, allowing you to create desired ambiance. With a 25° beam angle, it emits focused and uniform lighting. Its IP65 rating ensures durability in challenging outdoor environments. Suitable for residential and commercial settings, our garden light combines functionality with style.
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Voltage120V - 240VAC

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