Small Dimmig Touch on/off switch 9.5~30V/60watt Max. CABLE SOLD SEPARATLEY



  • The 60W Small Dimming Touch On/Off switch is a versatile solution for managing your lighting needs with a maximum power rating of 60 watts.
  • This switch efficiently controls your lighting within a voltage range of 9.5 to 30 volts, allowing for flexibility in various electrical setups.
  • With its touch on/off function, this switch provides convenient operation, offering a straightforward and userfriendly experience.
  • You can easily customize your lighting options with this switch by dimming your lights to the desired brightness level, ensuring the perfect ambiance for any situation.
  • While the cable needed for connectivity is not included, this switch remains a dependable choice for effortlessly managing your lighting requirements, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

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The 60W Small Dimming Touch On/Off switch efficiently controls lighting within a voltage range of 9.5 to 30 volts. With a touch on/off function, it provides convenient operation and allows dimming to desired brightness level. Cable for connectivity is not included. Perfect for a straightforward and dependable lighting management solution.
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