Sell as: A-GL4.7-S12-35K-D-KIT GL2 Series, Glass LED Downlight, 12W, 3500K, dia:6.3″, cutout:4.7″, 85~265VAC, 60~75lm/w, dimmable metal driver, SMD5730 chips, 1 yr warranty

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  • The GL2 Series Glass LED Downlight offers a sleek and modern square design, adding a contemporary touch to any space while providing functional lighting.
  • With a power output of 12W and a color temperature of 3500K, this downlight produces ample brightness and creates a warm and inviting ambiance suitable for both residential and commercial settings.
  • Despite its compact size, measuring at 6.3 inches in diameter, the GL2 Series Glass LED Downlight effectively illuminates larger areas, ensuring optimal lighting coverage.
  • Operating on a voltage range of 85265VAC and equipped with a dimmable metal driver, this downlight is versatile and can easily adapt to different electrical systems, allowing customizable lighting levels to create the desired atmosphere.
  • With SMD5730 chips, the GL2 Series Glass LED Downlight delivers exceptional performance and energy efficiency, producing an impressive 6075 lumens per watt. This not only ensures bright illumination but also helps save on electricity bills. Additionally, it comes with a 1year warranty, guaranteeing durability and reliability for added peace of mind.

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The GL2 Series Glass LED Downlight is a 12W, 3500K downlight with a sleek square design. It has a compact size of 6.3 inches and a cutout size of 4.7 inches for easy installation. It operates on a voltage of 85-265VAC and has a dimmable metal driver for customizable lighting levels. The downlight is equipped with SMD5730 chips for exceptional performance and energy efficiency, producing 6075 lumens per watt. It comes with a 1-year warranty for added peace of mind. Overall, it combines functionality, modern design, and energy efficiency.
Color Temperature3500K,,,,
Voltage120V - 240VAC
IP RatingIP20
Environmental RatingNon-Waterproof
Finish ColorWhite
Warranty1 year

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