Screws for LBSC acrylic light box. Each unit comes in sets of two. POLISHED

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  • Our LBSC acrylic light box offers sleek and modern aesthetics, enhancing the overall look of your space.
  • Easy installation is guaranteed with each unit coming in sets of two, providing a hasslefree setup process.
  • Save time and effort with the included mounting screws, ensuring convenience and convenience.
  • The polished screws are crafted with precision, adding an elegant finishing touch to your light box.
  • Achieve a professional and sophisticated look for any space with our LBSC acrylic light box and its accompanying polished screws.

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The LBSC acrylic light box is sleek and modern, designed to enhance any space. It comes in sets of two for easy installation and includes polished screws for a professional finish.
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