RGBCCT 6PIN LED strip used Two side connectors with 15CM length wires IP20 12mm-PCB SMD strip,IP20


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  • The RGBCCT 6PIN LED strip is a versatile lighting solution that offers vibrant and customizable colors to enhance any space.
  • With its easy installation and seamless lighting experience, this LED strip is designed with two side connectors for convenience.
  • Measuring 15CM in length, the strip features an IP20 rating, providing protection against dust and solid objects for added durability.
  • Available in both IP20 and IP21 variants, this LED strip is suitable for various indoor settings, from dry areas to spaces prone to moisture exposure.
  • The RGBCCT functionality allows users to effortlessly switch between colors, creating different moods and atmospheres to suit their preferences.

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The RGBCCT 6PIN LED strip is a versatile lighting solution with customizable colors and easy installation. It comes in two variations, IP20 and IP21, for different moisture exposure levels. With its compact size and flexible structure, it can be installed in various indoor settings. The strip offers a wide range of colors to create different moods and atmospheres. Overall, it is a reliable and visually appealing choice for enhancing any space.
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