RF Remote w/ Scroll Wheel, 2Ch, 4zone, Pair with C-5IN1 controller, 2 channels

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  • The RF Remote with Scroll Wheel is a versatile and userfriendly device that seamlessly controls your home automation system, allowing you to effortlessly manage your smart devices.
  • With 2 channels and 4 zones, this remote offers the flexibility to personalize and manage multiple areas of your home, including temperature adjustment, lighting control, and other smart devices.
  • Specifically designed for use with the C5IN1 controller, pairing these devices creates a powerful synergy, consolidating and controlling various aspects of your smart home from a single interface.
  • The RF Remote’s scroll wheel allows for intuitive navigation through your home automation system. Easily scroll through options, adjust settings, and execute commands with precision and ease, enhancing convenience in managing your smart home environment.
  • In addition to exceptional functionality, this remote boasts a professional and sophisticated design. Its ergonomic shape ensures a comfortable grip, while highquality materials provide durability. The sleek appearance seamlessly fits into any modern interior, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your home.

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The RF Remote with Scroll Wheel is a versatile and user-friendly device that allows seamless control of your home automation system. With 2 channels and 4 zones, it offers flexible management of multiple areas in your home. Paired with the C-5IN1 controller, it enhances your smart home experience. The scroll wheel makes navigation intuitive, while the sleek design adds a professional touch. Overall, it is a feature-rich and aesthetically pleasing remote that provides unparalleled control and convenience for managing your smart home system.
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