Poli 5VDC 30W Waterproof LED Power Supply 120VAC Input IP67 UL Listed

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  • The conversion process involves transforming the outdoor power supply from 110VAC to a steady 5VDC, enabling compatibility with devices that require a 5VDC input.
  • The converted power supply retains its capacity to deliver 30 Watts of energy, allowing it to power a wide range of outdoor electronics such as lighting systems, cameras, and charging stations without compromising performance.
  • The current rating of the converted power supply remains at 6A, ensuring a stable and reliable flow of electrical current to connected devices, preventing overloading or potential damage.
  • By converting to 5VDC, the outdoor power supply becomes versatile, capable of seamlessly integrating with various electronic devices that require a similar voltage input, reducing the need for separate power sources.
  • The conversion process enhances safety by delivering direct current (DC) instead of alternating current (AC) to connected devices, minimizing the risk of electric shocks or short circuits, particularly in lowvoltage applications. Additionally, the stability of the converted power supply ensures optimal performance and longevity for outdoor electronics, contributing to overall energy efficiency.

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This description provides concise information on the conversion of an outdoor power supply from 110VAC to 5VDC while maintaining a power output of 30 Watts and a current rating of 6A. The key features include voltage conversion, power output retention, and consistent current rating. The benefits of this conversion are increased versatility, enhanced safety, and improved efficiency. Overall, this conversion enables seamless integration with various outdoor electronics and ensures reliable power supply.
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IP RatingIP67
Warranty1 year

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