Poli 5V 250W LED Power Supply 120-240VAC Input

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  • The Poli 5V 250W LED Power Supply offers adjustable voltage output, ensuring optimal performance for your lighting needs while giving you full control over the power flow.
  • With an impressive output of 250 Watts at 5 Volts AC, this power supply delivers a steady and consistent power flow to your LED lights, resulting in exceptional brightness and longevity.
  • The input voltage compatibility of 110/220VAC adds convenience by allowing easy connection to different power sources without worrying about compatibility issues.
  • Crafted with precision and quality, this power supply guarantees reliable and stable performance, thanks to its robust construction and advanced technology, minimizing energy consumption and promoting costeffectiveness.
  • The Poli 5V 250W LED Power Supply is a versatile and efficient solution suitable for both residential and commercial applications, offering adjustable voltage, high wattage output, and a wide input voltage range, ensuring exceptional performance, reliability, and energysavings.

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The Poli 5V 250W LED Power Supply is a versatile and efficient power supply for indoor lighting needs. It has an adjustable voltage feature for optimal performance, providing a steady flow of power to LED lights. It has a robust construction and advanced technology for reliable and stable performance. With its wide input voltage compatibility, it can be easily connected to different power sources. Overall, it is a professional-grade power supply that guarantees exceptional performance, reliability, and energy-savings.
Color Temperature,,,,
IP RatingIP20
Finish ColorMetallic Silver
Warranty1 year

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