Poli 12V DC 96W Laptop Style Power Supply 120-240VAC Input


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  • The Power Supply, Laptop type, converts input voltage from 100240VAC to a steady output of 12VDC, ensuring efficient operation and charging for a wide range of laptops and electronic devices.
  • Equipped with a convenient 2flat leg AC cord, this power supply offers easy and secure connectivity to your wall outlet, making it suitable for use at home, in the office, or while traveling abroad.
  • The sleek and compact design of this power supply makes it aesthetically pleasing and ideal for modern workspaces, while its advanced technology guarantees stable and reliable power delivery, protecting your laptop and other connected devices from voltage fluctuations or interruptions.
  • With an impressive output current capability of 8A, this power supply can efficiently handle highpower demanding tasks and effectively charge your laptop’s battery in no time. Its power capacity of 96W ensures ample power supply for various devices without the worry of insufficient charging or slow performance.
  • The Power Supply, Laptop type, stands out as a versatile, efficient, and reliable solution for powering and charging laptops and electronic devices. Its universal voltage compatibility, durable construction, and userfriendly design make it a top choice for professionals and individuals in need of a highquality power supply.

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The Power Supply, Laptop type, is a versatile device that converts input voltage from 100-240VAC to a steady output of 12VDC. It has a current rating of 8A and power capacity of 96W, making it efficient for charging laptops and other devices. The power supply is compatible with universal voltage without the need for additional adapters or transformers. It features a compact and sleek design, guaranteeing stable and reliable power delivery. With its high output current capability, it efficiently handles high-power demanding tasks and charges laptops quickly. Overall, it is a reliable solution for powering and charging laptops and other electronic devices.
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