Outdoor LED Display, 105″x44″x10″, P16 resolution, front-end maintenance, InfoLED Player Software, 120VAC

SKU: 6-F16-105x44


  • Our Full Color Outdoor LED Display offers maximum visibility and versatility with dimensions of 105 feet in width, 44 inches in height, and 10 inches in depth.
  • The impressive P16mm resolution ensures sharp and clear visuals, allowing your content to shine with vivid colors and stunning clarity.
  • The frontend maintenance design of our LED display enhances convenience and efficiency, making it easy to access and adjust without complicated maneuvers.
  • Our Outdoor LED Display comes equipped with userfriendly InfoLED Player Software, allowing you total control over scheduling and playback for seamless content management.
  • The compatibility with standard 120VAC power supply ensures hasslefree installation and operation in various settings, making it convenient for your business needs.

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Introducing our state-of-the-art Full Color Outdoor LED Display with dimensions of 105ft x 44in x 10in. It features an impressive P16mm resolution for sharp visuals and clear content. The front-end maintenance design allows for easy access and quick adjustments. You can manage content effortlessly with the user-friendly InfoLED Player Software. Installation and operation are hassle-free with compatibility for standard 120VAC power supply. This LED display delivers captivating messages to elevate your brand presence.
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