Outdoor Grommet #2 Chrome, Copper, Hole/Dia.:10/21mm, 500 pcs/bag

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  • The Outdoor Grommet #2 Chrome, Copper is made with durable chromeplated copper material, providing excellent resistance against corrosion and weather elements.
  • With a hole diameter of 10/21mm, this grommet securely fastens cables, ropes, or wires in outdoor environments, preventing damage caused by strain or friction.
  • Each bag contains 500 pieces of these grommets, allowing for efficient and costeffective installation for both smallscale and larger projects.
  • The Outdoor Grommet #2 Chrome, Copper offers utmost convenience, efficiency, and professional results due to its convenient size, superior materials, and generous quantity per bag.
  • This highquality grommet is the ideal choice for those seeking a reliable and durable solution for outdoor applications, ensuring longlasting performance and reliable support.

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The Outdoor Grommet #2 Chrome, Copper is a durable grommet made of chrome-plated copper. It resists corrosion and weather elements, making it suitable for outdoor applications. It has a hole diameter of 10/21mm and can securely fasten cables, ropes, or wires. Each bag contains 500 pieces, allowing for efficient and cost-effective installation. Overall, this grommet offers convenience, durability, and professional results.
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