Onboard 5 Channel Timer 12VDC/240W

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  • The 240W Onboard 5 Channel Timer is a programmable controller designed for accurate timebased operations, allowing precise control of multiple processes simultaneously.
  • Operating at 12 VDC, this timer is compatible with a wide range of electrical systems, making it suitable for both industrial and residential applications.
  • Its userfriendly interface enables easy programming of specific time intervals for each channel, automating tasks and enhancing efficiency while reducing the need for constant manual supervision.
  • Equipped with advanced technology, this timer ensures accurate timekeeping and reliable operation, with a high power output of 240W for handling heavyduty electrical equipment and appliances.
  • Whether in a factory or residential setting, this timer offers comprehensive functionality, an informative display, and intuitive controls for easy monitoring and adjustment, providing an effective solution for controlling various devices and lighting systems.

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The 240W Onboard 5 Channel Timer is a reliable programmable controller that accurately manages time-based operations. It has 5 channels for controlling multiple processes simultaneously. It operates at 12 VDC and is suitable for industrial and residential applications. Programming is easy with its user-friendly interface, allowing for specific time intervals for each channel. It ensures accurate timekeeping and reliable operation with its advanced technology. With a high power output of 240W, it can handle heavy-duty equipment. Whether for factories or residential settings, this timer offers an effective solution with easy monitoring and adjustment.
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