Motion Sensor Light Switch, 800W capacity, neutral wire required, wide 180? detection, adjustable sensitivity, UL, FCC, Title 24

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  • The Motion Sensor Light Switch is designed for convenience and efficiency, providing a highquality lighting solution with an 800W capacity for illuminating large areas.
  • Installation of the switch requires a neutral wire for seamless functionality and reliable operation, ensuring smooth performance.
  • The switch features an adjustable sensitivity feature, allowing users to customize the motion sensor’s activation level to save energy by only triggering when necessary.
  • Our Motion Sensor Light Switch meets strict safety standards, including UL certification for electrical safety and compliance with FCC regulations to minimize interference with other electronic devices.
  • Additionally, the switch aligns with Title 24 guidelines, guaranteeing compliance with California’s energy efficiency regulations, making it an ideal choice for residential and commercial settings.

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Introducing our high-quality Motion Sensor Light Switch, designed for convenience and efficiency while ensuring safety. It has an 800W capacity with excellent coverage for large spaces. Installation requires a neutral wire for reliable operation. The switch has a 180? detection range and adjustable sensitivity to suit different needs, saving energy by activating only when necessary. It is UL certified for electrical safety, complies with FCC regulations, and aligns with Title 24 guidelines for energy efficiency. Overall, our Motion Sensor Light Switch offers convenience, efficiency, and safety for various lighting environments.
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