M-N8 Series Flexible LED Neon, RED, AC110V, 50m/roll, 16×8 size, 6watt/meter, IP67 waterproof, Silicone material, Epistar chip, with 2sets Acc & 2pc power cord

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  • The MN8 Series Flexible LED Neon in red offers exceptional brightness and longlasting reliability, thanks to its advanced Epistar chip technology and power output of 6 watts per meter.
  • With its visually appealing 16×8 size and flexible construction, this neon strip can enhance the ambiance of any space, making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications.
  • This neon strip’s durable construction and resistance to water ensure its ability to withstand varying weather conditions, making it an ideal choice for outdoor installations.
  • By utilizing cuttingedge Epistar chip technology and energyefficient LEDs, this neon strip delivers highquality lighting performance while reducing maintenance and replacement costs.
  • Whether you need to illuminate storefronts, highlight architectural features, or add vibrant lighting to your home decor, the MN8 Series Flexible LED Neon offers a professional and sleek appearance that will elevate any space’s aesthetic appeal.

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The M-N8 Series Flexible LED Neon in red is a versatile lighting solution suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. It offers exceptional brightness and long-lasting reliability with a power output of 6 watts per meter and advanced Epistar chip technology. Its 16x8 size creates visually appealing illumination, and its durable construction guarantees resistance to water. It delivers high-quality lighting performance while being energy-efficient, resulting in reduced maintenance and replacement costs. Whether for storefronts, architectural features, or home decor, this neon strip provides a professional and sleek appearance. Overall, it is a durable, bright, and energy-efficient lighting option suitable for various indoor and outdoor applications.
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