LIQUIDATION SALE – Limited 30-day Warranty

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  • The Bullhorn Adapter offers stability and convenience for various applications with its seamless fit on a 3″ pole and secure support through (4) 23/8″ arms.
  • Its sleek bronze finish combines functionality with an aesthetically pleasing design, making it a stylish addition to any professional setting.
  • The highquality construction of the Bullhorn Adapter ensures longlasting durability and resistance against wear and tear, providing reliable support for your equipment or accessories.
  • With a 1 Month Warranty, this adapter provides peace of mind and assurance of its reliability, giving you confidence in your purchase.
  • Overall, the Bullhorn Adapter is the ideal solution for mounting equipment or accessories on a 3″ pole, offering a reliable and efficient option with its durable construction, convenient arms, and stylish bronze finish.

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LIQUIDATION SALE - Limited 30-day Warranty
Color Temperature,,,,
Warranty1 Month

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