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  • The AL Series Cobrahead Street Light is a compact and energy-efficient lighting solution designed for outdoor streets and roadways, ensuring optimal energy consumption.
  • With a 50 watt input and AC110-265V 50/60Hz compatibility, this street light can be powered by a wide range of power sources, making it highly versatile and convenient.
  • Utilizing Epistar Chip technology, the light source of the AL Series Cobrahead Street Light delivers a bright white 6500k illumination, ensuring exceptional visibility in any weather conditions.
  • Trust this reliable and high-performance light for efficient and effective outdoor lighting, as it is specifically designed for outdoor street and roadway applications.
  • The AL Series Cobrahead Street Light offers a professional and informative lighting solution that combines energy efficiency, compatibility, and exceptional visibility, making it an ideal choice for outdoor lighting needs

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LIQUIDATION SALE - Limited 30-day Warranty
Color Temperature,,,,
Voltage120V - 277VAC
Warranty1 Month

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