LED UL Flood light 200watts, White 5000k, Input:100~277VAC, IP65

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  • The 200W LED Flood Light 5000K UL offers powerful and efficient illumination, delivering excellent visibility in a wide range of environments with its bright white light and color temperature of 5000k.
  • With an input power of 100~277VAC, this flood light is versatile and compatible with various electrical systems, ensuring ease of use and installation.
  • The flood light’s robust construction and UL certification guarantee safety and quality, making it suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Its IP65 rating also ensures resistance to water and dust, ensuring durability and reliability even in harsh outdoor conditions.
  • This flood light provides wideangle illumination, making it perfect for lighting up large indoor spaces, warehouses, and outdoor parking lots. Its efficient design ensures every corner is welllit, enhancing visibility and safety in these areas.
  • With its 200watt output, the flood light delivers a high level of brightness, enhancing the overall ambiance of any environment and providing excellent visibility. It is a reliable and bright lighting solution for various applications indoors or outdoors.

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The 200W LED Flood Light 5000K UL is a high-quality lighting solution that provides powerful and efficient illumination. It operates on an input power of 100~277VAC, making it versatile and compatible with different electrical systems. This flood light is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use due to its robust construction and UL certification, which guarantees safety and quality. It also has an IP65 rating, making it resistant to water and dust for durability in harsh conditions. The wide-angle illumination of this flood light makes it ideal for large indoor spaces, warehouses, and outdoor parking lots. Its 200-watt output delivers excellent brightness, enhancing visibility and the overall ambiance of the environment. In summary, the 200W LED Flood Light 5000K UL is a professional-grade lighting solution that offers brightness, efficiency, and durability. It is suitable for various applications and provides reliable and bright illumination indoors or outdoors.
Color Temperature,,,,
Voltage120V - 277VAC

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