LED Flood light 20watts, Input power 90~265VAC, CCT6000, Black body, IP65


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  • The 20W LED Flood Light 6000K + CCT offers exceptional brightness and clarity, making it a reliable lighting solution for both indoor and outdoor settings.
  • With its input power range of 90~265VAC, this flood light is versatile and can be easily used in various environments.
  • The sleek black body design of this flood light allows it to seamlessly blend into any space, enhancing the overall aesthetic.
  • The IP65 rating ensures durability and protection against water and dust, making this flood light perfect for outdoor use.
  • With its power output of 20 watts, this LED flood light offers energy efficiency without compromising on performance, resulting in longterm savings on maintenance and energy bills.

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The 20W LED Flood Light 6000K + CCT is a versatile and reliable lighting option suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It emits a bright cool white light, has an input power range of 90~265VAC, and offers durability with its IP65 rating. With its power output of 20 watts, it is energy efficient and built to last. This flood light combines efficiency, durability, and aesthetic appeal, making it a top-notch lighting solution for various environments. Upgrade your lighting experience with this high-quality flood light and enjoy clear and vibrant illumination.
Color Temperature,,,,
IP RatingIP65
Finish Colorblack
Warranty1 year