LED Flood lamp, White light, 12VDC/10 watt, IP65

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  • The 10W LED Flood Lamp 4000K offers a highly efficient lighting solution with low power consumption of 10 watts, making it perfect for energyconscious applications.
  • With its IP65 rating, this flood lamp is water and dust resistant, providing reliable performance in outdoor environments and various weather conditions.
  • The wide beam angle of this flood lamp allows it to illuminate a large area, making it suitable for lighting up walkways, gardens, and other outdoor spaces that require bright and dependable lighting.
  • Designed with 12VDC input power, this flood lamp provides consistent illumination while offering energy efficiency, ideal for both residential and commercial applications.
  • The 10W LED Flood Lamp 4000K is a versatile and highquality lighting solution that offers exceptional performance, durability, and reliability, making it an ideal choice for professional and dependable illumination.

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The 10W LED Flood Lamp 4000K is a highly efficient outdoor lighting option with low power consumption and 12VDC input power. It is water and dust resistant with a wide beam angle, making it suitable for illuminating large outdoor areas. This flood lamp is reliable, durable, and provides consistent illumination. It is versatile and ideal for both residential and commercial applications.
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